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Potted_mums Once Labor Day passes, it's exciting to experience fresh thoughts towards a new season--reinvigorated shop windows inspire and all thoughts of summer disappear.

I welcome fall by scheduling several days to accomplish autumn-time tasks. I dedicate one day to change the outdoor pots from their summer blue salvia, white petunias and blue lobelia to hearty yellow mums bordered with English ivy. Special this year is a six-acre pumpkin patch we planted--the pumpkin flowers are the most beautiful shade of yellowy orange.

Next, I assess the indoor plants, trees and topiaries in the house--are they fresh and healthy looking and, if not, I replace them. I also ensure that there are lots of green plants that are “evergreen” in their appearance in lieu of flowers which tend to be more seasonal. I also find utilizing branches adds a rustic flair and helps further coax the outdoors in.

The following day is dedicated to perusing each room in the house, beginning with the storage rooms. I empty the rooms, clean the shelves, re-shelf line if necessary and then take stock of what needs replacing, i.e. light bulbs, disposable coffee cups, paper towels, etc. I then go through each of the bedrooms, starting with the youngest of my four children. Everything comes out of his/her drawers and closets—old worn-out sneakers are tossed, outgrown clothes are given away and a list is drafted containing items that need to be replaced. Finally, I embark on my husband's closet, and then my own.

Once the closets are in order I once again revisit each room and switch out the summer seasonal books to topics related to indoor pursuits like architecture, decorating, flower-arranging and table settings. For an extra easy spruce-up fix, we also change out lampshades to update shapes and add interest.

As the weather grows chilly, it’s an opportune time to shop for new luxurious throws for the living and sleeping spaces, add fresh and vibrant pillows to the library and set up the nine fireplaces with wood and kindling so they are ready to light up come the first frost.

Finally, in the kitchen I change placemats and other textiles ensuring color schemes are changed from pastels to neutral shades of chocolate brown and tan to reflect the changing season.

As sad as it is to see the long days of summer end, the fall season brings a new outlook and a chance to explore different interests.


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