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New York SPACES – September 2010

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New York Spaces September 2011

New York SPACES | Top 50 Designers in Metro New York
The best architects, designers, and decorators shape and reshape the ehe environments we inhabit—changing the way we see the world, the way we see New York, and the way we see ourselves.Download PDF
NEW YORK SPACES | A Tailored Look | Apr. 2011

NEW YORK SPACES | A Tailored Look
Designer Janet Simon gives a staid, dark space new life as a convivial, light-filled breakfast room.
"You can't seperate a space and its function," says designer Janet Simon about revamping the Breakfast Room in the most recent Mansion in May Designer Showhouse in Harding Township, New Jersey. "The space was an architectural gem, with lovely proportions and two large windows overlooking shaded gardens," says Simon.Download PDF
Traditional Home | Garden State Grandeur | Oct. 2010

Traditional Home | Garden State Grandeur
JANET SIMON Makes A Splendid House Feel Like A Home
Set aside your stereotypes. Janet Simon is not the typical Jersey girl—Though she'll tell it like it is. Her hair's not big. Her dress is classic. She's the consummate hostess. And her house, situated in New Jersey's Morris County, is the epitome of good taste.
— written by Sabine RothmanDownload PDF
New York SPACES | Top 50 Designers | Sept. 2010

New York SPACES | Top 50 Designers in Metro New York
Each firm has a trademark style and a signature approach all its own. Together, they reflect a shared belief that good design can make a difference in people's lives. They put creativity in context. Download PDF
Park Place | Refreshingly Simple | May/June 2010

Park Place | Refreshingly Simple
On a gloriously golden day under a brilliant blue sky, interior designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Janet Simon of New Vernon hosted a whimsical garden party at her family’s Hidden Pond Farm residence. — written by Susan BrierlyDownload PDF
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Daily Record | May 2010

Daily Record | Find Serenity Where You Sleep
Janet Simon, interior designer and principal for Janet Simon Inc. in Morristown, says a serene bedroom, such as this one, which she designed, should be a place to unwind, read a favorite novel, have time to reflect, engage in a hushed conversation with your partner or just relax before going to bed. (Courtesy of Janet Simon)to view printed article
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Built in 1903, this 28.5 acre, meticulously restored home boasts large bay windows, a lush herb garden and a stone bridge that evokes another time period.View Episode at
New Jersey Monthly | May 2010

New Jersey Monthly | Strolling the Evanescent PEONY PATH
They emerge by the thousands late each spring, creating a magnificent display at this grand estate. — Lauren PayneView Article at
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Quest Magazine | April 2010

Quest Magazine | BRUSHWOOD
A 30-room Greek Revival manor house built in 1904 for Alice Isabel Ballantine has been restored and preserved by a thoroughly modern family.Download PDF
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Traditional Home | April 2010

Traditional Home | Three Cheers for Great Chocolate
If you open a box of chocolates and a bite-sized mouse looks out, don’t jump back. He’s a delicacy from L.A. Burdick ( Designer Janet Simon loves these little guys as party favors. to view printed article
The Wall Street Journal Digital Network | House of the Day – Brewer's Mansion
Build it 1904 by the head of the Ballentine brewing company, this mansion in Bernardsville, N.J. is a 30-room mansion that sits on a 28-acre property. The current owners, Fred and Claire Eckert commissioned interior designer Janet Simon to redesign the interiors of the home. —Sushill Cheema to view online article

KEEPING IT REAL (NEAT). Every now and then, we come across people with such stellar solutions for controlling chaos, we have to bow to their prowess and show them off. Here, four br illiantly organized spaces and the modest masterminds behind them.
— Written by Nicole Sforza
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New jersey Monthly October 2009

New Jersey Monthly | October 2009
CURRENT KITCHENS. Like its resdients, New Jersey's kitchens come in all shapes and all sizes. We scoured the state and found these noteworhty examples of current styles. TRADITIONAL IN SHORT HLLS...— Lauren Payne to view online article
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HouseBeautiful October 2009

House Beautiful | October 2009
SEND US A PICTURE OF...YOUR MANTLE. Every designer's mantel tells a story, whether it's a perfectly composed still life or a jumble of photos and postcards.
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The Peak of Chic ®
"New Jersey designer Janet Simon knows a lot about entertaining and sets a table with perfect aplomb. Since yesterday's post was about Wedgwood, I thought it appropriate to ask Janet for some tips on entertaining. She kindly shared with me photos of a garden luncheon that she hosted for four of her closest friends in the garden at her home, Hidden Pond Farm." — Jennifer Boles
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