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I am often asked about what is an easy and quick way to change the appearance of a room, and my answer is always the same…wallpaper. This is one of the design elements that can change a room dramatically, particularly in a space that does not have beautiful plaster walls.

In kitchens, dens and bedrooms where the walls need color and depth—not necessarily pattern, I like to use textured linen wallpaper, such as the Japanese Paper weave by Phillip Jeffries. The wallcovering changes the space from plain to interesting and the room from cold to warm.

Patterned wallpaper is a passion of mine and among my favorites are Farrow and Ball, Ringwold, Vermicelli, Lotus and Bumble Bee. These are all suitable for formal or informal hallways and bathrooms. Another great brand is Neisha Crosland, they makes fabulous wallpapers, my favorite is Crescent Stripe, that I’ve used very successfully in unexpected spaces such as a front powder room closet. Knowles and Christou makes stunning wallpaper that is modern with a traditional sense. It consists of a two color hand- painted design that looks like an abstract painting of twigs and flowers.

For fun, lively spaces, I always go to Sister Parish Designs. Chou-Chou, in either black or red has lit up many a laundry room, mud room or child’s space.

When I fall in love with a fabric that does not come in a wallpaper, a technique I often use is paper-backing or acrywalling. This enables me to use a pattern or solid fabric as a wallcovering and it gives a different feeling to a space as opposed to a paper finish.

One aspect that people seldom think about is the possibility of using wallpaper to cover a ceiling. Although unusual, it’s a great way to infuse creativity and a surprise element to a room.

The freedom to create different looks and moods from dark and dramatic, to light and fresh, to loud and fun are all achievable through the wide array of wallpaper. Next time you want to quickly change the look of a room, think wallpaper!


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