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This is my 19th Christmas at Hidden Pond Farm, and I want to share with you some of my decorating and entertaining ideas.

Each year we decorate the inside and the outside of the house with as many fresh greens as possible. This is the recipe I follow for the wreaths and garlands:

To make a lush wreath:
Use two wreaths and wire them back to back. Trim with bunches of juniper, boxwood, hemlock and white pine using green wire to attach. Place a red bow on the top made from 4 inch Christmas red velvet wired ribbon with extra loops and long tails.

For the extra full garland:
Wire two lengths together of white pine roping, and add fresh cut greens, wiring bunches of boxwood, juniper, hemlock, white pine, cedar and extra large pine cones.

I place the wreaths on all of the outside doors, and inside on the living room and dining room French doors.

The garland goes around the front entrance doorway, the rim of the oval domed ceiling in the front foyer, up the main staircase and on the dining room and living room mantels.

I don’t install the live greens in the house until December 23rd, so the greens are full and fragrant for the 25th.

I have a miniature Christmas party table of handmade animals in fancy dress sitting in miniature chairs, at a pretend Christmas tea. The whole vignette is displayed on a red felt covered table. This is always the first decoration on display, and every year I add to it with a vintage miniature toy, or ornament.

Every Christmas I do a different entertaining theme. This year I invited some special little friends for hot chocolate, cupcakes and gingerbread cookies. I decorated the garden house with my grown children’s Steiff stuffed toys. The tree is covered in Steiff miniatures, and felt ornaments. The larger stuffed animals are hanging from the beams. Fresh pine boughs and red ribbon trim the large windows. The mantel is hung with felt stockings with appliquéd trees, filled with surprise balls, and candy for the young guests to take home. There is nothing like the magic of Christmas in children’s faces, and I felt completely fulfilled by their joy.

Every Christmas is filled with old traditions and new ones to be made, making each Christmas unique and memorable.


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