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Every year I look forward to my month-long stay at our family’s beach house on the Jersey Shore. By using an easy checklist, I transform our seaside retreat into a personalized lived-in home that is bright, inviting and ready to burst with summertime activity:

  • I begin by ordering two dozen oversized, fluffy royal blue beach towels, monogrammed in white with our last name. Fresh, brand-new towels not only look beautiful and beckon family and friends to enjoy the ocean but, with addition of the monogram, prevent them from walking away as well! I also purchase 10 bottles of Anthelios Sun Crème for the ocean deck’s basket full of goodies.

  • We gather the beach bicycles and send them for a tune up at the local bike shop. That way, each bike is ready to cruise the shoreline when we are.

  • Next, the windows are washed and the four mahogany porches are lightly sanded and oiled. We slather a fresh coat of grey paint to the outdoor shower, and then place our freshly cleaned porch and deck cushions onto the outdoor furniture. The hammock comes out of the storage and is hung in its rightful place in the corner of the screened in porch—a peaceful spot for a summer snooze.

  • Finally, for the outdoor shower, I place a set of Origin’s Mint Shampoo, Peach Cream Rinse and Orange Body Wash in the extra large pump size inside the stall.

  • Moving indoors, I refresh the guest rooms with copies of the latest magazines, current hardcover books and Bobbi Brown beach products for the guest baths.

  • I order multiple pounds of red Swedish Fish from the local candy shop and place them in a Nantucket Basket that sits in the entry hallway for guests of all ages to enjoy.

  • I always ensure the kitchen is filled with an abundance of local produce, supporting the daily menu of Jersey tomatoes and corn on the cob. Apothecary jars in the kitchen are filled with salt water taffy (a Jersey Shore tradition) and pitchers of lemonade and iced tea are in constant supply.

  • Lastly, I order 50 stems each of blue hydrangeas and sunflowers from the local florist,
    which I then arrange in clear glass cylinders in the living room, dining room and kitchen.  Fresh-cut multicolored zinnias from the local farm are also massed in large buckets on the screened-in porch.

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