New Jersey Monthly Oct. 2009

an amazing gift-wrapping station One wall of janet's spare room is outfitted with drawers that house 30 rolls of paper and 100 spools of ribbon. There's a closet with hold-far-later presents and a glass-topped counter for wrapping.

GENESIS OF THIS SYSTEM: "Wrapping is something I love doing," says Janet. "Having a place to keep all my supplies—and not having to wrap big gifts on the floor—was a dream of mine."

PAYOFF: "It makes putting together a nice gift relaxing. My family uses it, too. They like having everything there when they need it. And I never have trouble locating presents I've bought in advance."

ADVICE FOR WRAPPERS: "Don't junk up your supplies with little scraps you 're unlikely to use. And keep your scissors sharp. I have two pairs—one for paper, one for ribbon and fabric—and they never leave the wrapping area, so they don't get overused."

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: "My Black+Blum Heavy-Weight tape dispenser [$60, dwr.com]. You can use it with one hand, and it never budges."

SEMINAL ORGANIZING MEMORY: "Taking the tip of the iron and pressing my Barbie's black-and-white sundress. I ironed all her clothes and hung them by length in that little pink case."


Use an old dresser. Dedicate one drawer to rolls of gift wrap; one to tissue paper and packing materials, like bubble wrap; and one to gifts to save. Small drawers can hold ribbon. twine, bows. gift cards. tape, and scissors.

Trick out a bucket. Stick rolls in a tall, sturdy bucket outfitted with a Bucket Boss ($12, amazon.com), a wraparound canvas organizer with plenty of pockets for tape, scissors, and more. It can easily travel with you from room to room.

Tuck supplies under the bed, but in a deliberate way. We love the holiday wrapping container ($27, organize-it-online.com). With a hinge in the middle of the lid, you can pull it out halfway to grab what you need, then hide it again.

written by Nicole Sforza, photographed by William Abranowicz, styling by Peter Frank